The 2015 PPC/SOFE Conference App

Use the app to create a personalized schedule, meet new colleagues and exhibitors, and navigate the conference in a whole new way!

The 2015 PPC/SOFE Conference app has been designed to replace the traditional program booklet, the abstract collection, the exhibitor guide, and to give you new ways of enjoying the conference.  You can browse through the (constantly up-to-date) program and all the events taking place during the conference (sessions, talks, short courses, companion program, etc.).  You can also create your own personalized schedule, take notes, and find your way through the convention center to locate various events.  You can contact other attendees or exhibitors, exchange your contact information, download documentation, and always have the latest content.  

Using the application is easy, but in case you have a doubt or a question, here you will find a number of hints and how-to advice to improve your experience with the app.  Please note that, while the main program is available in the app, some other information could still be missing.  We are adding missing information as soon as it becomes available.

The app is available for Android, iOS, and as a web interface for other devices.  Just look in the corresponding “app store” for your device for “IEEE PPC SOFE 2015” or follow the link below for the mobile app interface:


Where do I find the general conference information that was in (the first part of) the Program Booklet?
Go to the “General Info” tab from the home page and browse through the different topics.

How to view the program?
The main tab for the program is “Program”. There you can view the entire program schedule. The schedule also includes companion tours and short courses. You can choose a particular “Track” (PPC, SOFE, etc.) or view the full schedule.  The program is arranged by date and time, and you can browse through the program or search a particular session or talk.

How to view session content?
Go to “Program”. Choose your “Track” (PPC, SOFE) or click on “Full Schedule”.  The sessions are listed by date.  If you do not know the day, you can search on any word in the session title (beware: the search function also searches talk titles).
When displaying the desired session, you will see a list of presentations within that session.

How to view an abstract?
Once you have found the presentation you are interested in, click on it to display the abstract for that presentation. Beware: even the posters are tagged as “presentations”.

How to find a presentation or poster knowing the author’s name?
Go to the “Authors” tab.  Search for the name of interest or scroll through the list.  Click on the author’s name – the list of related talks appears. Click on the one in which you are interested.
Note: Due to the way the author list is entered during abstract submission, you may find an author name listed more than once.  Browse through them to find the desired talk.

How to add/remove an event in “My Schedule”?
You can add any event in your schedule – sessions, presentations, short courses, excursions, etc.  To do this, view the details of the event. The “+” sign at the upper right corner is a toggle to add/remove the event from your personalized schedule).

How to view my schedule?
Go to the home page and click on the “My Schedule” tab.

I do not see “posters” in the app – where are they?
Posters are categorized as “presentations” in the app.  Some sessions each day are listed as “Topic – Poster” to denote they are poster sessions.

How to find exhibitor info?
Go to the “Exhibitors” tab.  Search for the exhibitor in which you are interested.  You will find pointers to their web site, an email contact, and the booth number (or table top number) where they are located in the exhibitor hall.

How to take notes (and what to do with them)?
You can either add general notes or you can add notes to an event like a talk or a session.  In the upper right corner of the event details is an icon that you can use to add notes.  You can mail your notes to yourself or to any other recipient by clicking on the “mail” symbol in the “My Notes” tab.

How to contact a fellow attendee?
Go to the “Attendees” tab. Search for the name you are looking for or scroll through the list. Click on the attendee’s name. Depending on the attendee’s own settings, you could see:

  • “Send a Message” (with green background): click to send a message through the built-in messaging system (if the button has a grey background, the messaging option has been deactivated by this attendee).
  • The attendee’s email address: click to send an email using your favorite email client.
  • The attendee’s telephone number: call…

How to see messages that other attendees (or the organizers) sent me?
Go to the “Messaging” tab. If a circle with a number appears, it means that you have unread messages. Lick on the tab to read your messages.

How to sign in to visualize the protected content of the app?
Most of the content in the app is open, with no need of signing in.  Other parts and functionalities are protected, like the attendee list, surveys, and messaging.  You will receive a username and password when you register for the conference.  You can sign in when you try to access the protected content.  Alternatively, you can choose “My Profile” from the home screen to log into the app.  Once you log in, your app will remain logged in (even when you leave the app, or restart your device) until you go back to “My Profile” and log out.

How to change my settings?
On the home screen choose “My Profile” to access your settings.  There you can decide if other attendees can send you messages through the application and if your email and/or your telephone number will be displayed in your listing.  By default, you are allowed to receive messages, but your email and telephone number are hidden.

How to return to the home page?
The Home icon is located on the upper left corner of each page of the application.

How to refresh the content of the application?
The application should look for new content when it starts, and periodically throughout the day.  However there is a “refresh” symbol on the top of the home screen if you want to manual refresh the content.