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Technical Program (SOFE)

SOFE Program

SOFE 2015 Program At-A-Glance

SOFE Major Topical Areas Include:

   • Experimental Devices
   • New Device Design and Reactor Studies
   • Divertors and Plasma Materials Interactions
   • Targets, Chambers, Vacuum Vessels, Blankets, and Shields
   • Diagnostics, Data Acquisitions, & Plasma Control Systems
   • Safety and Environmental Engineering
   • Materials Assembly, Fabrication, and Maintenance
   • Heating and Current Drive
   • Plasma Fueling, Pumping and Tritium Handing Systems
   • IFE Drivers and Related Technologies
   • Power Systems
   • Magnet Engineering
   • Electromagnetics and Electromechanics
   • Project Management

Plenary Speakers

Guenter Janeschitz, ITER Organization
“Fusion readiness in terms of economics, safety, environment and power extraction”

Gyung-Su Lee, National Fusion Research Institute
“Preliminary design, R&D planning and roadmap
for K-Demo”

Jiangang Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute for Plasma Physics
“Chinese program on CFETR”

Richard Pitts, ITER Organization
“Plasma physics input to tokamak PFC design”

Felix Schauer, Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics
“W7-X commissioning: progress and lessons learned for future devices”

Brian Wirth, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
“Multiscale computational modeling and materials research for next-step devices after ITER”

Dennis Whyte, MIT
“Smaller & Sooner: Exploiting new technologies for fusion’s development”

Charles Kessel, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
“Progress on the Fusion Nuclear Science Facility Activity”