The Awards will be recognized and bestowed during the ICOPS 2023 Banquet on Wednesday, May 24th at the Eldorado Hotel, Santa Fe, NM.

         Please note that Awards Banquet participation is available by ticket purchase of $50 for conference attendees or $80 for additional companions. Tickets may be purchased through the Conference registration portal or at the Registration Desk located on the first floor of Eldorado Conference Hotel.

         Plasma Science and Applications Award and Igor Alexeff Outstanding Student in Plasma Science Award are sponsored by the Plasma Science and Applications Committee (PSAC) of the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society (NPSS).

2023 Plasma Science and Applications (PSAC) Award Winner

Name: Yakov Krasik

Citation: For his significant contribution to the understanding of the physics of high-current ion diodes, plasma opening switches, plasma cathodes, nanosecond timescale discharges, warm dense plasma, converging strong shock waves and high-power microwaves generation and interaction with plasma.

Igor Alexeff Outstanding Student in Plasma Science Award

Name: Dion Li

Citation: For extension of the Ramo-Shockley theorem to include relativistic and electromagnetic effects; for discovery of an electromagnetic shock totally absent in the Ramo-Shockley Theorem and its implications on multipactor discharge and on high power microwave sources.