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Technical Program block schedule (final)
Technical Program listing (updated 5/26/2014)
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Technical Areas

1 Fundamental Research and Basic Processes (Andrew Christlieb)
1.1 Basic Plasma Phenomena (Keith Cartwright)
1.2 Computational Physics and Techniques (Peter Stoltz)
1.3 Space Plasmas (John Foster)
1.4 Partially Ionized Plasmas (Miles Turner)
1.5 Dusty and Strongly-Coupled Plasmas (Michael Murillo)
2 Microwave Generation and Plasma Interactions (Will White)
2.1 Intense Beam Microwave Generation (Wilkin Tang)
2.2 Fast-Wave Devices (Jeff Calame)
2.3 Slow-Wave Devices (John Pasour)
2.4 Vacuum Microelectronics and THz Devices (Nick Jordan)
2.5 Codes and Modeling (Tom Antonsen)
2.6 Non-Fusion Microwave Systems (David French)
2.7 Microwave Plasma Interaction (Sarita Prasad)
3 Charged Particle Beams and Sources (David Hinshelwood)
3.1 Plasma, Ion, and Electron Sources (Jenny Lock)
3.2 Intense Electron and Ion Beams (Aled Jones)
4 High Energy Density Plasmas and Applications (Farhat Beg)
4.1 Fusion (Inertial, Magnetic and Alternate Concepts) (Scott Wilks)
4.2 Particle Acceleration with Laser and Beams (Manuel Hegelich)
4.3 Radiation Physics, X-ray lasers (Arati Dasgupta)
4.4 High Energy Density Matter (Alla Safronova)
4.5 Laser Produced Plasmas (Zulfiqar Najmudin)
4.6 Fast Z-pinches (Brent Jones)
4.7 Plasma Material Interactions (Ahmed Hassanein)
5 Industrial, Commercial, and Medical Applications (Chunqi Jiang)
5.1 Nonequilibrium Plasma Applications (Paul Chu and Xinpei Lu)
5.2 High Pressure and Thermal Plasma Processing (Tim Grotjohn)
5.3 Plasma Thrusters (Yevgeny Raitses)
5.4 Plasmas for Lighting, Displays, and Microdischarges (Weidong Zhu)
5.5 Environmental and Industrial Applications (Randy Cooper)
5.6 Plasma Medicine and Biological Effects (Allen Garner)
6 Diagnostics (Simon Bland)
6.1 Microwave, FIR, Optical, and X-ray Diagnostics (Simon Bott-Suzuki)
6.2 Particle Diagnostics (Simon Bland)
6.3 Pulsed Power Diagnostics (Jim Threadgold)
7 Pulsed Power and Other Plasma Applications (Hidenori Akiyama)
7.1 Insulation and Dielectric Breakdown (Hulya Kirkici)
7.2 Opening and Closing Switches (Luis Redondo)
7.3 Generators and Networks (Andrew Young)
7.4 Compact and Rep-Rated Pulsed Power (Juergen Kolb)