NPSS Early Achievement Award

David Ampleford, Sandia National Laboratories
“For contributions to the development of the world's brightest laboratory x-ray sources, the understanding of z-pinch stagnation dynamics, and the novel application of z pinches to laboratory astrophysics.”

PSAC Award

Michael Desjarlais, Sandia National Laboratories
“For pioneering contributions to the understanding of electrical and thermal transport properties, and equations of state for materials at extreme conditions through the use of first-principles density functional calculations, and generating numerous state-of-the-art wide-range conductivity models for use in a broad spectrum of simulation codes.”

Student Award

Shurik Yatom, Technion Israel Institute of Technology
“For non-disturbing measurements of the parameters of runaway electrons, density of transient plasma and electric fields during nanosecond time scale discharge in pressurized gases.”

Fellows of IEEE PSAC in 2014

Michael Cuneo, Sandia National Laboratories
“For developments in inertial confinement fusion with magnetically–driven-implosions and electrode cleaning.”

Weihua Jiang, Nagaoka University of Technology
“For contributions to repetitive pulsed power generation utilizing solid state device technology.”

Thomas Mehlhorn, Naval Research Laboratory
“For co-leadership in understanding intense, pulsed electron and ion beams.”