Oral & Poster Format

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations will include both invited and contributed papers. Invited talks will be 30 minutes and contributed talks 15 minutes including 5 minutes for questions. Oral presentations will be delivered using a computer and LCD projector. Talks will be loaded onto presentation computers a day ahead of each session. The expected applications are Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat (PDF files). Electronic files of presentations can be submitted on a CD or flash memory and will be transferred to our database at registration.


Posters should fit on 4' (four feet high) by 8' (eight feet wide) boards. You will need to bring a finished, printed version of your poster. We will not be able to print posters at the conference. There will be one poster session on each day of the conference. Each poster has been assigned a number, and you will need to mount your poster on the appropriately numbered board. (You can check the number by referring to the on-line program.) Posters must be mounted by 10 AM on the day of your relevant poster session, and taken down by 6 PM the same day. The posters should be attended during the poster session time, 1-3 PM each day.