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How to Submit an Abstract to PPC2017

Abstract submission is now closed. For late abstract submission please contact the technical chair, Dr. Bocur Novac


Like a number of other recent IEEE conferences, we have also chosen to use the INDICO conference portal, run by the European Organization for Nuclear Research, usually known by the acronym CERN and located near the French-Switzerland border. The INDICO portal will be used for most activities related to the IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference, Brighton, UK, 2017 (IEEE PPC 2017), as it offers a number of advantages from the standpoint of conference management. These advantages come at the cost of a different abstract submission experience for the user. Consequently, we have prepared this guide to assist you in your efforts to submit an abstract.

Basic Instructions

The following two-step sequence is required to successfully submit an abstract.

  1. Register A CERN account must be established so that INDICO recognizes you when you attempt to submit an abstract. Please visit the following website to create an account: https://account.cern.ch/account/Externals/
  2. Submit Once confirmation that your account has been sent to you via email, you may submit an abstract using the INDICO portal http://indico.cern.ch/event/572801/

Detailed Instructions

CERN Registration

For non-CERN members, you must register a ‘light-weight’ account, which provides you the ability to interact with the INDICO internet portal. Following the link provided above in Register, you will gain access to the instruction page for registering the light-weight account. Briefly, you will create an account, a confirmation email will be sent, and then you must follow the link within the email to set the account password. At that point, you have created a light-weight account. Please note there may be a time delay between when you create an account and when the CERN system actually recognizes your INDICO account. Also, if you do not receive an email, please check your spam folders (or other folders that receive “preformatted” emails).

Abstract Submission

Upon creation of the CERN account, users may submit an abstract to the conference for technical consideration. Following the link provided above in Submit, you will be directed to the INDICO portal for IEEE PPC 2017 (http://indico.cern.ch/event/572801/). On the left panel, select the link to ‘Submit Abstract’.
Next, please indicate your preference for the type of submission.

  1. Oral Preference Select “Oral” in the drop-down list that immediately follows the abstract submission text to indicate your desire to provide an oral presentation. (Please note, a preference for oral presentation may not guarantee you will be assigned an oral presentation.)
  2. Poster Preference Select “Poster” in the drop-down list to indicate you only wish to be considered for poster presentation.
  3. No Preference Select “Not specified” in the drop-down list to indicate your indifference to the type of presentation you are assigned to.

Next, indicate the primary author and any co-authors. Although not mandatory, the primary author and co-authors should each have a CERN light-weight account. If their accounts have been registered correctly, then their names will be searchable. Otherwise, use the ‘Define New’ option to include non-registered individuals.

Next, select a topic area – “track” – that is most relevant to your submission.

The text of abstracts are automatically limited to 300 words!

If you have specific comments to the technical review team, you may include those for their consideration.

Finally, click on ‘Submit’.


If you encounter problems with this procedure, please contact Martial Toury (martial.toury@laposte.net) or Bucur Novac (b.m.novac@lboro.ac.uk).

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March 6, 2017