Visa Information

As a major International event on pulsed power the 2017 IEEE Pulsed Power Conference welcomes attendees from all over the world.

Citizens of the Member States of the European Union do not require a visa to enter the United Kingdom. Participants from other countries should find their entry requirements before organising their travel to Brighton by visiting the HM Government web-site. If you require a visa to entry the UK for attending the 2017 IEEE Pulsed Power Conference you should apply for a Standard Visitor visa. General information on the Visa application process for a Standard Visitor Visa is listed at the following web-address:

It is extremely important that you check with the closest UK Consulate or Embassy as soon as possible in order to determine the Visa requirements necessary for you to enter the United Kingdom.

If you require a Visa to attend the 2017 IEEE Pulsed Power Conference, the Conference organisers will send you a letter which will serve as an official invitation letter. The List of all supporting documents which can/should be provided by a visa applicant can be found at:  

Please email your request for an invitation letter to the Conference organisers (, please include in your e-mail message the following information:

Your invitation letter will be issued for the dates of the Conference and will be send to you as a pdf file using your email address, a hard-copy of this letter will be sent by a regular post to your postal address. The organisers will not be able to send a hard copy using any express postal service, so please request your invitation letter in advance.

Please note that the conference participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements to attend the Conference. The invitation letter will not provide any commitment towards any kind of financial support. Receiving an invitation to the 2017 IEEE Pulsed Power Conference does not guarantee an applicant a visa to enter the UK and the Conference Organisers can’t be hold responsible for the outcome of potential participant’s visa application. The Conference organisers will not be able to contact any UK Consulate or Embassy or the HM Government on your behalf regarding your visa application.  

We look forward to seeing you in Brighton!