Zimmerman Library

The University of New Mexico's iconic Zimmerman Library was designed by John Gaw Meem in his Santa Fe Style and completed in 1938.

Welcome to
GINET 2014!

Dear Prospective Attendee,

As members of the Board of GINET, we would like to formally invite you to be an active participant in our deal-making workshop. We have chosen people specifically for their unique skill set, global vision, and track record of executing and following-through. The friends that you will see and the new people that you will meet will create life-long relationships in the global marketplace. 

The workshop is formatted with no parallel tracks to maximize the interaction and synergistic activities. Each workshop is focused on a specific topic. To maximize your participation, we would request that you RSVP and let us know how many days you will be participating. We have left Friday in a relatively open format to further the individual discussions and to catalyze the deal making process.

GINET was created out of the necessity to focus on deal making and not the conventional wisdom of political intervention. GINET is an organization capable of creating markets, establishing relationships and acting as a catalyst for companies on the verge of being wildly successful.

We look forward to the discussions and the presentations. If you have any questions, please free to contact any one of us for additional information.

As members of the Board of GINET,

Ramiro Jordan, Paulo Franco, Alex Lightman