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on September 7, 2018

Thanks for Attending
AMEREM 2018!

It’s our great pleasure to invite you to join us for the AMEREM 2018 Symposium at the University of California, Santa Barbara. AMEREM provides a forum within the international scientific and engineering community in High-Power Electromagnetics.  Internationally renowned experts from many countries are expected to participate.

The AMEREM/EUROEM meetings have a rich history behind them. In 1978, the late Dr. Carl Baum organized the first Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse Meeting or the NEM in Albuquerque, NM with support from the Summa
Foundation, which Carl Baum had founded many years earlier. This first meeting brought together scientists and engineers from the U.S. and Western Europe. The NEM Meeting was later renamed as the High-Power Electromagnetics Meeting or HPEM. When this meeting was held in 1994 in Bordeaux, France, it was renamed EUROEM and subsequently, the meetings in North America have been called AMEREM. These meetings have been held in every even year since 1978.  The last EUROEM was held in London, England in 2016 and the next AMEREM will be held in Santa Barbara, California in August 2018.

In 2015 it was decided due to the increased number of papers from Asia, to hold the first ASIAEM Conference in Jeju, South Korea in 2015 and the second ASIAEM in Bangalore, India in 2017.  It is planned to continue to hold ASIAEM Conferences in every odd year, with 2019 being planned for Xi’an, China.

With regards to Ultra-wideband/Short Pulse or UWB/SP, the first two meetings were held at Brooklyn Polytechnic, in New York. After these initial meetings Prof. Leo Felsen asked Carl Baum to include them in AMEREM/EUROEM, and presentations in these meetings have been turned into full–length papers resulting in the publication of 10 books, titled Ultra-Wideband, Short Pulse Electromagnetics. In recent times these books have been published by Springer.

We now welcome you to AMEREM 2018 at the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB), which has become one of the most highly rated public universities, especially for its programs in Marine Science and Engineering. UCSB runs many technical conferences during the summer, and the conference facilities are excellent for conferences of our size.  The university is the only University of California campus situated directly on the Pacific Ocean, where our usual conference banquet will be held on the beach adjacent to the university.