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The Albuquerque Museum in Old Town contains priceless New Mexico Treasures. You can get there in just a few minutes by jumping on the the westbound #766 Rapid Ride at the University bus stop on Central & Yale.
Conference Guidelines

Important: required registration for authors

Guidelines for Oral Presentation Presenters

Each paper in an oral session is allocated 20 minutes.  This includes time required for introduction of the speaker, as well as time for questions from the audience. Therefore authors are advised to prepare a 15-minute talk and leave some time for questions at the end.

Each lecture room will be equipped with a computer and a data projector. Authors need to transfer their presentations onto the computer in the appropriate room for the session at least 10 minutes in advance of the session in which their paper will be presented. Each lecture room will have a support person that can provide assistance.

The formats that are allowed for presentations are Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (.ppt/.pptx) and Portable Document Format (.pdf) (Acrobat Reader 2007). In both cases, if the authors have a video or an audio file embedded in the presentation we recommend to use a video and audio codec compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint.  As a backup we strongly encourage authors to have available a .pdf version of their presentation.   When preparing the .pdf the authors should select the “press quality” option to ensure that the fonts are properly embedded.  The authors should bring their presentation on a USB memory stick or CD.

Authors needing any special audio or visual equipment must contact the Technical Program Chair by 1 July.

Presenters are requested to:

Guidelines for Poster Presenters

The poster sessions will be located in the Ballroom.  Posters must fit on a 4 feet high x 8 feet (122 cm x 244 cm) wide poster board (landscape orientation). The poster presenter is expected to remain at the poster during the entire time allotted to the poster session. Each poster has been assigned a number, and must be mounted on the appropriately numbered board. (You can check the number by referring to the printed or on-line program once it is posted.)